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Dear Edzai ,

The story of the development of Zimbabwean football is not fully told if the your name is not mentioned .Today the global football fraternity joins the nation of Zimbabwe to pay their last respects and celebrate your life as a soccer player, a father, a coach, business partner and a big brother to many young people in the dusty back streets of Zimbabwe. Mr E today we bid farewell to you as an unsung hero who went out of his way to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of young people whose passion was football.


Edzai you wore many caps, a businessman, football administrator, player agent but above all a philanthropist with a desire of giving that forgotten child playing soccer a chance to be a star. It was in this role that we had the honour of experiencing you dedication to Zimbabwean football, where you worked with various grassroots developmental projects amongst which Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD) is one. YASD is truly honoured to have had your support, through your gallant efforts which you helped transform the lives of many young people. Your passion was a light that  gave guidance and hope to many a youngster who were close to giving up on life, but like a true coach your words gave them courage and the will to go on.

Despite anyone’s background you always saw who they could be not who they were, you touched many young lives more than you could imagine. You instilled a part of your heart in ours. As many of these youngsters grow into adulthood they will always have warm memories of your wisdom and generosity.

Your hard work and dedication to the Zimbabwe Homeless World Cup team inspired many young people to become more than they could ever have dreamed. Through your heart to heart talks with the players you pushed them to their limits and beyond. You inspired them to become not just a better athlete, but a better person as well.

We really appreciate what you have done for many young people in Zimbabwe and beyond. You devoted so much time and effort into making many young people into football stars. You have taught us sportsmanship, fair play and many values that we will need throughout life.

Till we meet again in the next life. Go Warriors go


Young Achievement Sports for Development