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About YASD

YASD is a non-sectarian, non-political and not for profit organisation that provides psychosocial and educational support to children in need.

About Us

Young Achievement Sports for Development (YASD), a community based organisation which seeks to develop the young people through the sport and educational development programs in marginalized communities.

Our mission is to mobilize communities through sport, deliver effective mentorship and education of young people from impoverished backgrounds.

We use sport to reach out to marginalized youths in Hatcliffe Extension, a peri-urban settlement 25km from Harare. The settlement lacks basic essential social services such as piped water and electricity .The settlement does not have a clinic or a formal school; the community has to go to Hatcliffe 1 Township to access these facilities. Many children drop out of school, and those in school sometimes fail to pay examination and school fees and cannot afford to have other school requirements.

We promote HIV behavior change for those that are sexually active or promote safe behaviors for those that are not yet sexually active.


Our Programmes

YASD has three core programmes which deal with these developmental issues in the community namely:

Sports Training Programme (STP)

Through the Sports Training Programme, YASD uses sports to impact the lives of youths who were idle and were exposed to drug abuse. Through daily training sessions and weekly games the organisation has given youths in the community sense of pride and value. Time and again the team participates in soccer tournaments which serve to expose the youths to different styles of play as well as lifestyle. As an organisation we have managed in involving the young people to different competitive games locally and internationally for example the Fight for Peace Tournament and Homeless World Cup respectively which gives the youth an exposure and a chance to realize and reach their potential.

Educational Support Programme (ES)

The Educational Support Programme is an initiative established to assist to educate children and young people in Hatcliffe. Children that are still at the primary level are supported with uniform, fees and places to go to local government run schools. When they go for secondary education we strive to get them to boarding schools where they have better educational facilities. Extra lessons are also provided during school holidays and we encourage the senior children to assist the young ones through tutoring them. We always check the children’s progress reports at the end of each academic term and also their school attendance.

Youth Support Service Programme (YSS)

The Youth Support Service Programme is the arm of YASD that offers psycho- social support on an individual basis. The organisation offers grooming lessons, and prepares young people for job interviews, and business etiquette .YSS helps young people avoid these influences by giving them practical examples of people who have made it in life coming from impoverished backgrounds. Through the YSS we train young people on the different life skills, teach them the principles of peace, tolerance.


Our Partners:

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Homeless World Cup
Fight For Peace
Street Football World
Amnesty International